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A luxury sail yachts fleet

The Hotel Cruiser luxury concept, a fleet of medium size sail boat (between 15 and 20 meters), is concerned to the exclusivity of our equipments and to the extraordinary care and welcome we offer but primarily to the possibility for our agile boats to reach and enjoy all the best sites that the Mediterranean Sea offers. The dimension man-sea-land is achieved in “our cruisers” where even living in a refined environment we maintain the possibility of a full contact with the sea, the Hotel Cruiser fleet, which is constituted by sail yachts from 15 to 20 mt., suggests boats particularly equipped and refined similar to floating “maison the charme” where sight on the sea changes every day. Our customers have been following us since 5 years discovering the advantages of this vacation, finding everytime in refined and familiar environment the spirit of the real sea life, an exclusivity which give the dimension of luxury. The formulas, all bareboat, STANDARD,SEAVILLAGE, SEAVILLA and SEAVILLA GOURMET are distinguished by 4 service offered levels, all demands are satisfied from those typical of sport and competent client to the curious passenger who want to be followed and attended in everything for a no stress vacation . On Hotel Cruiser boats we create the “Robinson Crusoe” effect going back to the pleasure of nature, stopping the time, rediscovering the pleasure of the simple things, living nautical, cultural, gastronomical emotions looking for the Mare Nostrum. The work carried out from TCT Group, shipowner of the Hotel Cruiser fleet, is a relevant job made of details on boats and attendants either skipper, chef, hostess, steward or deckhand who are available for our guests to make their cruise a magnificent one. The direct contact between the fleet and our offices gives the guests the option to make use of information and additional services as in a hotel. The assistants we suggest are more than usual sailors, they are as hotel managers instructed during stages and courses about the Hotel Cruiser products. Now it’s time to book one of our boats for your “preferred route and the perfect cruise”